Meet Standards and Requirements as a Supplier

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Ideal for a company poised to supply large enterprises

As ISO standards have been upgraded over the years, they now look for continuous improvement as well as consistency. Process Improvement Programs™ can help companies satisfy that ISO component, quickly, and with little cost. One of our clients, a builder of manufactured and modular homes, used Process Improvement Programs™ to standardize its processes. It achieved higher product quality, needed less rework, and cut costs by $600,000 in one year.

Taking pride in ownership

These are not your traditional training sessions where a consultant tells your team what to do. We lead lively question-and-answer sessions that allow employees to contribute their own particular expertise. They are a hit with our clients because they tap into your employees’ ideas for getting more done, more efficiently. Not only do they generate great ideas in the sessions, they get pumped up about being heard and making a difference.

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Process Improvement Programs™ is led by Jeff Pallister, CMC, BA, BSc, who is a certified by the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta and the National Quality Institute, and has helped hundreds of companies since 1974. Use his proven 5 step process to generate a Profit Improvement Plan that really works — and take steps right there in the session to start improving consistency while eliminating wasted time, money and energy in your processes.