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Chain Reaction by Jeff Pallister

Chain Reaction, a book by Jeff Pallister, CMC, shows how the right process improvement methods can transform a struggling firm into a highly profitable and internationally competitive powerhouse.

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Here are a few reviews:

“A must-read for anyone who owns or manages a business – small or large and wants optimum business and financial returns.” – Chris Micetich, Owner, NAEJA Pharmaceutical Inc.

“A remarkable book for business owners and executives alike. Use this book and profit.” – Michael Hwozdecki, Inspection Manager, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

“Jeff Pallister’s “novel” approach supports the core messages of this little gem…” – Angus Bruneau, Past Chair, Fortis Inc.

“I found the information very useful, on point and very practical.” – Ron Esch, Executive Vice President, Calgary Real Estate Board

“A novel idea – a business management book set in a fictional format!! This is a must read for executives and management involved in all types or size of business. An excellent reference for companies moving to the next phase of its business cycle from small to mid-size and a wonderful refresher for those who have already gone through the initial process and business improvement cycles and are maybe forgetting how they got to be successful. I can’t say enough good things about this book – just read it and follow the pathway to business excellence. We have!” – Jatinder Kalra, Manufacturing Manager, DBR Technology Center, Schlumberger Canada Ltd.

“The advice in Chain Reaction is firmly grounded in what Jeff has learned from working with a wide cross-section of organizations. Because it is written as a novel, it is entertaining and keeps your attention. And you will learn how to put the best practices into action now.” – Dave MacKillop, Manager, Alastair Ross Technology Centre

“Chain Reaction combines the technology novel such as Kidder’s, The Soul of a New Machine, with the motivational formula of Covey’s, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and story lesson framework of Chilton’s, The Wealthy Barber. High technology businesses have many startups, but how do you sustain the ideas and the passion and build a sustainable company? This book provides a methodology that shows that with guidance, leadership and a will to improve, a company can plan and implement for growth and success.” – Lynn Sutherland, Vice President, iCORE