Increase Productivity with the Work Environment

Illustration of computer with Control Panel on a white background

In previous sections of this story, JadaTrack was struggling to maintain a viable business. The company now moves into transformation to build and grow the company rapidly following 12 Best Practices.

6. Create a Productive Work Environment

“What do you need for a productive work environment?” asked James.

“People are complex and have many different needs,” said Sunita Devanda, a supervisor. “Let’s start off with the basics. They need a good physical environment-whether it’s ergonomic furniture, the right lighting or the right equipment. A 386 computer running Windows 98 just doesn’t cut it!”

People need good ¬†working relationships, both with their colleagues and their supervisors. We need fun and social activities. There’s also compensation, incentives, rewards and recognition. A fair compensation plan is essential. We could have an incentive scheme based on the bottom line. We need the right amount of work. Work overload causes stress and then productivity decreases.

People get sick, they’re absent, and they lose interest in their work. I could go on, but that’s what comes to mind.”

“Very good answer, thank you,” said James. “Next slide.”