PIP: Leading Certified Management Consultants


Process Improvement Programs is led by Jeff Pallister, CMC, BA, BSc, who has helped hundreds of companies since 1974. He leads clients’ teams through hands-on exercises to find cost savings and profit enhancing ideas. Jeff is a a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and a Certified Excellence Professional; he was educated at Columbia University Graduate School of Business, University of Calgary, Simon Fraser University, and the Banff School of Advanced Management.

Better return on investment than traditional management consulting

No other firm takes quite the same approach as PIP. We don’t tie up your company in months-long analysis and training sessions. We tap into the expertise that your employees already have. You’ll be able to start putting some of their ideas to work right away. Take a look at how some other management consultants approach their work and you’ll see why PIP is the right choice to put you on a fast track to higher margins.

Traditional Method

PIP Method

Preparation Evaluation process can last weeks before anything is done to help your company. PIP can have your staff generating fresh ideas in a few days.
Sourcing Consultant generates ideas for improving business operations. PIP taps into the existing expertise of your employees and helps you implement them.
Speed Consultant designs new processes. Could be weeks or months before you see tangible results. Your staff goes to work right away applying their ideas – producing quick improvements.
Guarantee We leave no stone unturned. But guarantees? No. PIP guarantees results that will yield a return on your investment.
Creativity Process changes come from outside, so employees have to be “sold” on each idea before it’s implemented. PIP gets your employees to start thinking like owner – approaching problems with creativity and enthusiasm.
ROI Slower, lower return for fees in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Faster, bigger return for modest fees


Have real companies used your methods?

Yes. We have helped over 300 companies using this method. Of those, nearly 100 companies sought us for quality management and ISO services. We are proud of having unusually long client relationships — some have lasted 15 years and counting! At each organization, there are dozens or hundreds of employees with firsthand knowledge of how work gets done and what could be more efficient. Between 1,000 and 2,000 employees at client organizations have been positively affected by the changes that come with our interactive working sessions.

Getting started

If you are impatient for results and have limited resources, you will find our method to be a practical and helpful way to move your company forward. Fill a short form at this site to get started »