Ten Steps to a More Valuable Business

Take a real vacation. Offload customers. Make more friends. When you think and act like an investor you’ll have a more valuable business. While most business owners set revenue or profit goals, the savvy ones also have specific targets for having a more valuable business. Value is defined by investors. You need to have great […]

How Much Do You Need to Retire?

According to BMO (see link below) affluent Albertans need $2.4 million for a “ideal” retirement.  The average Canadian needs $908,000 to retire. If this amount is coming from the sale of your company, make sure your company is sellable for more than this amount.  Use the Sellability Score to determine how sellable your company is. […]

Business Performance Improvement – A Starting Point (Part 2)

I’m pleased to share with you Part 2 of a guest article by my colleague Nicholas Scott. In case you missed it, you can read Part 1 here.  It provides a useful overview and guide to main business performance methods. I have found that many business owners, executives and managers either don’t know of all […]

Calgary company growing using a management system

Beth Brueckner has done a great job of building GK Hills with a systems approach. Read about this in the Calgary Herald  article “G. K. Hills Tank Inspection sees need in a niche market” Read more