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Ready to Improve Business Performance Results?

 You’ve invested time, energy and money to make your organization grow. You are committed to its success. You are looking for ways to significantly increase the performance of the company.

What if you could increase the size of your business by at least 3 times in 3-5 years and significantly grow the value of the firm?

A higher value company would:
• generate the cash flow for reinvestment in your business
• allow your firm to be a platform for growth to acquire other firms
• provide you with financial when you decide to exit your business.

But …You feel you could grow value much faster. You’re concerned that you’re leaving opportunities on the table and should generate more profitable sales.

You may be lacking the time, money and expertise needed to take your business to the next level.

I have found as a Business Strategist that a systematic approach to improving business performance is the key factor in increasing the value of a company.  Improved performance requires bringing in the all the resources required for growth. Working through a framework in a systematic way will get you predictable results every single time.

We work with companies having sales between $2 million and $50 million where we believe we can increase sales and profits by at least 3 times within 3-5 years.
Such growth results in a significant increase in valuation. Owners then can sell their company and exit on their own terms and receive “their number.”

The biggest challenge to growth is the lack of resources.

We, with our partners, provide all the resources necessary for significant growth: expertise, funding, acquisitions, and business optimization.

Let’s see how we can get the value of your company up to the level you deserve. Contact me to discuss how can help you grow your business and reach your number.

Jeff Pallister
jeff1@pallister.com or at 587 888 3265


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